The SteadyWheel

The SteadyWheel is a portable camera stabilizer that is designed to reduce shake and improve stability for Cameras and Phones. 

Product Highlights:

  • Lightweight, portable camera stabilizer
  • Ideal for action cams and phones
  • Produces steadier, smoother results
  • Suitable for saltwater diving
  • Can be handed back and forth in fast moving scenes
  • 1/4"-20 camera mount
  • 11.5" in diameter -- fits in most backpacks
  • Made in USA
GoPro Tripod Mount



ABS industrial plastic wheel, 316 stainless steel metal weights and camera mount

Mount Type 1/4"-20
Dimensions 11.5" in diameter (29.2 cm), .75" interior width (1.9 cm)
Weight 1.6 lb (.72 kg)


The SteadyWheel works great with Smartphones, POV, Point and Shoot and many other small frame cameras.  While improving stability, the SteadyWheel also provides great handle, giving the shooter much better frame control and opening up shot opportunities.  Its compact design and lightweight chassis make it convenient to take anywhere the action is. SteadyWheel is built very tough. It's high-impact resistant and waterproof -- good for even saltwater diving. The wheel is made of ABS industrial plastic, and the integrated silver weights and 1/4"-20 camera mount are made of 316 stainless steel. The silver weights are there to sufficiently increase the weight of the wheel, bringing it to a lightweight 1.6 lb.

SteadyWheel can be used with any camera you can fit in it. But its effectiveness diminishes with heavier loads. Action cams and phones are what are ideal, especially for fast moving scenes. Skate-boarders, surf-boarders, and roller-bladers will find that not only can they explore shot opportunities with the SteadyWheel as they move about, but they can also hand it back and forth among one another.

SteadyWheel is 11.5" across and fits into most backpacks. It's Kickstarter-funded and made in the USA.

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