The Cash Slab

The CNC Billet Compact Cash Holder - "Personalize Your Cash"

Product Highlights:

  • Secure and fashionable compact cash holder -- CNC pocket art
  • Designed to keep cash secure and readily available
  • Alternative to bulky and uncomfortable wallets
  • Made out of lightweight 6061 aluminum
  • Slightly larger than folded up bills
  • Made in USA

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6061 aluminum

Dimensions 2.90" (7.4 cm) x 1.92" (4.9 cm) x .125" (.3 cm)
Weight 5 oz (142 g)

The Cash Slab is a Compact Cash Holder, a piece of CNC pocket art. The Cash Slab was designed to keep your cash secure and readily available at all times. Simply slide any folded cash under the rubber O-ring and you have a secure and fashionable cash holder. The Cash Slab is made out of lightweight 6061 aluminum and its footprint is only 2.90-inches by 1.92-inches by .125-inches, making its size slightly larger than folded up bills. It’s small footprint and smooth surface allows the Cash Slab to be easily slipped into any pocket!

The Cash Slab is Kickstarter-funded and made in the USA.

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