September 16, 2014


New website Launch!

Wild Iron is blasting off at the speed of light!  

We are proud to announce the official launch of our brand spanking new website.

We have listened very carefully to our customers and took careful consideration when designing and building this website.  We have fully integrated an e-commerce solution to not only improve upon our website but to also provide an easier and more cool way of viewing our company and products.  The website is now easier to navigate and purchase products from.

In addition to the website renovation, we have also moved to the awesome power of Amazon FBA.  Amazon FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, is a service that handles all product fulfillment.  We send our product inventory to Amazon and when someone makes a purchases, Amazon FBA takes over.  They will pull the product(s) you purchased from us off of their warehouse shelves, package it and then ship the order directly to you.  The added benefit is that our inventory is scattered across the country in various Amazon warehouses.

So you get your purchased products even faster! 

We are very proud of taking this next step in the growth and evolution of Wild Iron.  Of course, there may or may not be hiccups in the process but we are well prepared for mostly anything.

Thanks so much!

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